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About Luster Solar

 Business Philosophy
Luster Solar Technology(Changzhou) Co.,Ltd ( Herein called “Luster Solar ”)is established by Mr. YANG who has senior experience in PV field.The headquarter locates at Changzhou, Jiangsu province, China.

Integrity +  Cooperation + Innovation

Luster Solar specially bases on solar field including technology, manufacture and trade such as solar module manufacture and agency, Energy store system, residential PV integrated products, PV power station, PV application products like solar lamps,solar pump, etc.

Luster Solar has domestic & international logistics companies in Changzhou and Nantong.
Started From

Founder Profile

Mr. Yang: Company creator, with Master degree, Senior Engineer, China first rating constructor & High voltage technician.
He has deeply work experience at solar cell, solar module, PV station technology, PV station project management on site. Mr. Yang has many patents and published academic papers.

Technological Innovation

With many patents and technical papers during the whole PV filed.
  C-Si solar cell:2 patents(Bifacial solar cell,P type back contact solar cell)
1 international paper published at PV Tech in England (A novel solar cell process)

  Solar module:3 patents(2 inventions,1 pattern)

  PV power station:2 technical papers published in China, 2 patents of pattern

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  • I had a pre-purchase inspection on a solar panels. They teach me how to identify quality of solar panels. Great guys! I recommend this service to everyone who looks for quality!William Hill26 September, 2018

  • I do solar products business. I need high cost-effective solar panels, no need famous brand, just good quality and cheap price. They give me the best customized serivice. The workers are polite and they really know a lot. I'm also satisfied with the prices here! your products or services.​Brian Murdoch09 October, 2018
  • I need the whole set of solar power station products. Luster Solar even give me the design and the whole set of products including solar panels, inverters, brackets, cables and electrical cabinets. It is very surprising, first-class personnel, first-class knowledge, the omnipotent enterprise.​Richard Smith01 October, 2018

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